Love’s Perfect Time

I’ve finally seen her, the girl I’ve always loved, As beautiful as ever, a gift from up above. But conversation’s hard, I know what she does to me, She says she couldn’t tell me, ’cause of another he.

I said it’s okay, but it never truly is, She’s the one I wanted, the mother of our kids. Though we couldn’t make it, my love for her won’t quit, The flame still burns, I can’t deny it a bit.

I tried to move away, to escape this endless pain, But no matter where I go, my addiction would remain. She wanted me to quit, but I just couldn’t do, For her, I thought I would, but my heart remained true.

I cried for years, and I still cry to this day, But it was a different man standing on your wedding day. I wished you the best, as I had to let you go, With tear-filled eyes, I turned, not knowing what would follow.

Walking in the distance, wiping tears from my face, I looked up at the sky, lost in my own space. Then I heard a voice, shouting “Wait!” in the air, I turned around, teary-eyed, with fear and hope to bear.

The girl came running, jumped into my arms, A loving smile, a powerful kiss, with no alarms. We spun in circles, blocking traffic without a care, In that moment, the world faded, and love was all we’d share.

We walked away together, leaving the past behind, Hand in hand, knowing true love we’d find. No more looking back, no more shedding tears, For that day, we found solace in each other, erasing our fears.

That day, we left it all behind, our love stood strong, Walking hand in hand, knowing we belong. No more heartache, no more sorrow, only love in our prime, For that day, we realized it was love’s perfect time.

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