Will. Desire. Heart.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Never doubt the underdog!

These succulents are an example of that. The way they appear today is how they appeared weeks ago when I put them on this soil. They seemed to be more than just tired. They probably didn’t just appear tired; they were likely internally gasping for life. But that appearance and internal struggle does not determine the power within them. Those succulents have will and purpose. Exterior appearances or opinions do not determine the ability of any living thing. We and others often doubt the power within us. But just like these succulents, there’s a bigger life where there’s will. These tired succulents have that interior desire for success and grow into something more than what others see of them. We can do that same thing.

I’ve always had that inner desire to be successful. I used to tell my dad when he was still around that I would make it big someday. That not only will I make millions, but I’d do it by loving others, and I’d be happy along the way. He would tell me, “don’t forget about your old man when you make it.” I promised him I wouldn’t change because of the financial “success,” and I won’t. To be clear, I’m not rich/wealthy, and this isn’t about money. Money is not my driver; neither is the luxurious lifestyle. Do I like nice things and going to beautiful new places? Hell yeah! But the fact is, I don’t fear being poor, missing a meal, being on the streets, or struggling. I’ve lived those things and know how to survive them. And I know my inner desire for success, and a clear mind won’t allow me to get back to these places. Another fact is that some of the wealthiest folks I know are the biggest assholes (slime balls), so I don’t believe in the money buys happiness thing. Money just isn’t my driving force. Love and helping others are.

I let the world tell me who I was “supposed” to be for most of my childhood into early adulthood and was miserable for years. I was torn down and never felt worthy. I never felt smart. I was told to quit college, to work __ job, etc., but my inner being doesn’t operate on the limited mindset or control. I was going to college for a couple of reasons. 1.) because I like to learn and want to feel more intelligent. 2.) because I wanted to accomplish something. I wasn’t doing it for others. I was going to college not because I felt like I had to for success but to help myself. Do I believe you have to go to college to succeed in business? No. But I did it for my inner being purposes. I needed a win. I didn’t want to just work a job for benefits and such either because my inner desire in life isn’t to just have health and retirement benefits. I can’t feel limited, and I feel like those benefits are attainable in many other ways than just taking a job to take it. I have to dream big and love big. I can’t live any other way and feel complete happiness simultaneously. That’s how the inner me works and when people interfere with that or try to limit me, I’ve learned they aren’t my people. Because of that, my inner circle has changed throughout the years to strictly the ones that cheer me on. Just as I do them. Our circle thrives on growing together.

“But with the good come the bad.” I have those dying inside/waiting for me to fail as well. They’ll be waiting for a looonnnnggggg time. Seth stumbles at times but doesn’t completely fail. Here’s one example of those waiting for my demise. I receive a text every so often from what are supposed to be leaders. They word their message to try to come off as loving and supportive, but it reads as “self-serving, fake, and you’re going to fail/you don’t have it.” These folks don’t know me. They want me/us to fail. They try to put doubt in my head, and I hear about them trying to do it to those within my circle. They post these stories on social media about how great they are and comment fake congratulatory statements to make themselves look good. But my folks understand that those people aren’t winners, and we take them with a grain of salt. To be a winner, you must be sincere. Negativity and doubt aren’t attractive. Would it have been easier to start a company with financial backing or investors? Of course. But know that my will, desire, and heart determine my success. That’s the same with everyone at S.H. June, and we will continue to grow and become highly successful together because of our will and hearts. Simple fact: Leaders don’t try to put doubt in others’ minds. Leaders build ALL. Note: there are absolutely no hard feelings with these folks. I immensely love these people and wish great things upon them.

My entire life, I knew I would be a business owner someday. I always knew I wanted to make a difference and make it big. And maybe I’ve always dreamed big because I always felt so small. Well, adulthood allowed Seth to break out of that feeling slowly. I admittedly am still tough on myself and hold myself to a very high standard, though. I’ve exited many relationships over the last 6-7 years with people I genuinely love because of feeling limited or folks trying to make me feel inferior. This was me learning self-worth. I’ve left companies and broke away from negative folks because of feeling restricted, being told I’d never be able to do something or be something, or because folks essentially telling me their way is the only way. A big move and excellent life lesson was when I left one company where I loved everyone. I told that owner I wanted to get into real estate development one day, and his response was, “YOU CAN’T because you don’t come from that kind of money.” This response cut me, and I still greatly love that person. And I understand why he thinks this way. His response was needed and contributed substantially to my growth in choosing myself and my dreams over others. I was tired of allowing others to crush me. This person’s way of thinking, just as most others, comes from letting others put this kind of garbage in their head at a younger age/or at some point in life. But adult and clear-minded Seth refuses to allow others to determine his future or self-worth. Breaking that relationship and making that decision was a huge growth moment in my life. I quit listening to others tell me who I was and slowly started building confidence and calling the shots. Note: there are absolutely no hard feelings about or with this person. I greatly love this person and wish great things upon them.

My dreams or million ideas may seem crazy to some, but I have my circle that listens and supports them. “I can’t wait to hear this one,” they say. But here it is: I refuse to be anything short of extraordinary, and that desire to grow and help others grow WILL make me successful. And “successful” to me has no cap. I don’t yet and probably never will see myself as entirely successful. That way I keep growing. I want to love and help as many people thrive on a personal level as humanly possible. That is my goal. A good friend told me earlier this week, “Seth, you love the underdog.” And thinking on it, yes, yes I do. I was and still am the underdog. I’m cool with that. I didn’t expect to make it to 30 years old for most of my life. When I hit 30, I was overly emotional and didn’t know what to do next. In my teens and 20’s, I was highly depressed, often suicidal, and full of self-loath. I was drinking myself to a slow and painful death (I haven’t drank in 6.5ish years now, but that’s not what this is about). Once getting over that I made it to 30 years old and learning that I was loved and had worth, I REALLY accepted and decided there was no limit. Before, I just dreamed, but now I’m living my dreams and constantly seeking more growth. Seeking to love greater. I truly don’t believe in limits. Feeling limited feels the same as self-destruction to me, and I wish I would’ve picked up on that at a younger age and not worried about others’ thoughts of me. Now we’re getting it. We’re moving forward and growing stronger. Dreaming big and elevating. We’re “Soaring Higher!”

Just as the succulents have the will to grow and expand life, so do I. No matter the storm, all we need is the will. The desire. The heart.

Seth June

June 12, 2022

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