Our hearts mesh as we’re wrapped in one another’s arms and you rest your head against mine. I don’t want to let go I want the future to feel as secure as this moment. I want love to be apparent always. Consistency. A safe landing spot for you and me. A place to love strong and feel free. Secrets unhidden and resolution always possible. A desire to grow together. No ultimatums shall be given. Rejection shall not be a concern. Acceptance as we are and forgiveness when we fail one another. Honesty and sincerity. No need to hide.

Vulnerability and companionship are powerful. Helping us become strong as our souls synchronize yet deeper. Love deeper. Just a look in the eyes and a gentle smile can feel like being inclosed by your arms. The hearts meeting back up and the worry’s vanishing. A softness and warmth.

The Breeze Takes It




I’m supposed to be honest but you fail to tell the truth

The birds out of the cage but it should’ve been you to let it loose

We’re only as sick as our secrets and I hate that you’re bruised

One day I hope you understand that hiding things is considered a lie too.


When will I learn to lose all these earthly expectations

My hopes for love and mankind are to broad imagination

We will all let each other down, I’ll end that thought with exclamation!


I’m sitting on the beach writing to let it go

It’s just anger, distrust, fear, me and the moonlights glow

As the waves crash on me I will continue to row

And with the oceans breeze I’ll let the pains flow.



Realistically I have no control and what will be will be

And I know there’s a Power that’s much greater than me

The Power I call God and God can set me free

Where my feet stand now is really as far as I can see.




Seth June